USA Needs Russian Machines
USA Needs Russian Machines

USA needs Russian heavy duty snow machines built for the heaviest snow blizzards the mankind have seen. Here we have a chassis from a Lada Samara that has been used for the build of this Russian monster truck, which has tracks instead of tires.

The tracks will allow the vehicle to have much more grip on the snow and ice, and therefore this vehicle will be able to handle the larges snow blizzards. There is no stopping for this monster Lada Samara, the engine is very powerful too, because too much horsepower is needed in order to move those tracks on the snow.

The Russians are well known by their creativity, and once again they prove that USA needs Russian machines in order to handle the snow. This vehicle can be used for cleaning the streets from the snow too, with the attachment that comes with it. On the rear bumper there could be a salt dispenser mounted so the ice will melt quickly. This is one all-around vehicle that can be used in so many ways.

That’s why USA needs Russian inventions, to handle the snow more quickly.

Here you can check out the Lamborghini having fun in the snow, drifting and making some donuts on the frozen streets of USA.




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