Turbo Keychain Gets Destroyed

Have you ever bought a turbo keychain from the local shop? And you blow air the turbine spins and there is a flutter sound too but these guys decided to make it run for its money worth. These turbo keychains are made out of metal and they are really a fun key chain to wear and to show off to your friends.

All the gearheads are going to like this one because most of us we like it, and we like to blow it. There is nothing else like the turbo charger flutter sound and now we can have it so small that we can wear it on our keys. The thing about this turbo keychain is that it is CNC made, so it is very precision made and it works just fine. When it is on the lips is great, but what about attaching it on a compressor machine? This compressor can make up to 145lbs of boost and maybe this is too much for the turbine.

The turbine spins same like the normal 88mm turbo charger that can be found on our cars, or the modded race cars commonly, but they are very expensive and large. This one is tiny and it is made for race car enthusiasts that like the turbo sound. It will generate the turbo flutter sound too if the air pressure is correct, but when attached to the compressor line than it really blows.

Turbo keychain got 145lbs pressure:

This guy thought that it would be cool to test the turbo keychain that is most common on our keys wearable, and he placed it on a 145lbs pressure gun. That is a little bit too much and the key chain just fell apart from the pressure and from all the RPMs that it got on the spinning turbine inside, melting the bearings too.



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