Track N Go System Real Time Mount
Track N Go System Real Time Mount

Track N Go System is one hell of a product, which will enable your vehicle to use tracks, instead of tires. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now the product is out on the market, it can be purchased and used, but the installation can be tough, that’s why the manufacturer of the product decided to make this great video.

Now you can see how the truck that is used In the video gets its own Track N Go System, enabling the truck to go to snowy places where the owner was just dreaming about.

First you need to mount the two front tracks, whose rollers will be attached to the rims of the truck. This attaching will be done with bolts directly to the rim, so it will be secure at all times of the driving. The next step is to place the rear tracks, and this may seem harder than the front ones, but actually it is a lot easier. Because now you have the front installed, there will be not much work on the rear ones.

This is one great invention, the Track N Go System is expected to be widely used in the winter, in places where the snow gets too deep for the normal vehicles with the snow chains on.

If you find it hard to use this system, here we have the best tips for MOUNTING THE SNOW CHAINS on your vehicle.



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