carbon fiber car
carbon fiber car

Carbon fiber is the lightest and the strongest material ever made by man. There is no argument there, carbon fiber is now being used in all industries as substitute for steel, of course If the placement allows this step. But it is very expensive material and only the biggest companies get to use it.

Now carbon-fiber begins its tour in the car industry, because of the strength that it has and because of the small amount of weight that it adds up to the car, it is the best solution to replace the steel chasis. Inside the Koenigsegg company, we have taken the perfect video to show you how the chaisis is made out of carbon fiber and how gloriously it looks under the lights. The other best thing about this particular car, featuring the carbon-fiber chasis, is the power to weight ratio.

The ratio on this car is 1:1. This number means that for every unit of weight there is one horsepower unit to carry it. This is unbelievable because we can only imagine what speeds can this car reach with its small weight and powerful engine under the hood.



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