Snow Tracks Mounting
Snow Tracks Mounting

Snow Tracks are often used on trucks nowadays, and this is because they are easy to mount, and very satisfying for driving. Having your truck driven on tracks will give you the ultimate pleasure that you can get out of it, because you will be able to visit snowy placed that you have always dreamed to visit, but they are too far to go by foot.

That’s why now the inventors have made the snow tracks that will be used for trucks, and for the installation it will take about 60 minutes if you have previous mechanic experience, if not the time is doubled.

The installation of the snow tracks on a truck goes one track at a time, lifting the truck first from the front side to mount the front ones. The rims need to be taken off, and this is better than keeping the rims on.

Now once the rims are on, just bolt the tracks on the axle head of the differential and the work is done. Three more to go and you will be able to drive your truck on the tracks that you have installed.

Here is one more truck with snow tracks that is using another method, keeping the rims and tires on.



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