Racing Pro4 Trucks
Racing Pro4 Trucks

Racing Pro4 Trucks are maybe the meanest trucks out there in the racing world. These snow racing trucks must be much more durable than the average trucks because they are raced in the snow under heavy weather conditions and temperatures well below zero.

That’s why everything that is mounted on these Racing Pro4 Trucks must be modified, tested, made sure that it will withstand the conditions, and then tested out there on the tracks. The drivers also get a special training for these races, because here it is not the same as on the asphalt.

The drivers need to learn how to drive on the snow, how to control the truck on the ice when it is sliding in the opposite desired direction, and how to make the jumps that are required from one hill to another with the safe landing. All this needs to be learned and the job is not easy at all.

That’s why here we have a video of the Racing Pro4 Trucks, and their evolution through the races. In this video it is shown how they started racing and sometime after what is changed on them.
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