Mercedes AMG Series Drag Race

Not only a drag race, this is a race between the Mercedes AMG series that are all very fast and very luxurious too. Both cars are stock versions, there is nothing modified or tuned on the engines and we want to see them which one is faster out of the factory.

That’s why there is a drag race organized just for these two Mercedes AMG series cars, the Mercedes S 65 AMG Coupe versus Mercedes GLA 45 AMG. The S65 AMG has the largest Mercedes engine that you can buy from them. Under the hood it is sitting quietly before the race and it is showing on the rear bumper that it is a V12 massive engine, with 6 liters capacity. This is not enough, the engine is bi-turbo as well which means in features two turbo charges working together to make this S65 the winner.

Already is seems like the race is pointless but the host of the video says that we haven’t seen all from the GLA-45 AMG. This version is featuring a 2.0 liter turbo charged engine with launch control as well. The S65 doesn’t have that and maybe it will be a setback.

Now this is an amazing drag race between the Mercedes AMG series and you wouldn’t believe who won the race. It is the smaller engine and the smaller car, the GLA-45 AMG that was flying on the drag strip. How this was possible even the drivers cannot explain this. Maybe it has more aggressive launch because of the launch control and it reached high speed much faster than the S 65. That is unbelievable that the 2.0 liter engine beat the beast of an engine, the V12 bi-turbo 6.0 liter engine with 463 KW of power packed in a sweet package.

Mercedes AMG Drag Race: