Maybach 57S vs. Audi vs. Mercedes AMG
Maybach 57S vs. Audi vs. Mercedes AMG

Maybach 57S is the ultimate car to race some competitors that can actually pair with it. But it is too early to bet on the winner yet, we have to see what they got under the hood. For sure these muscle cars have aces up their sleeves that are not shown to the public.

That’s why it is always better to check out against what you are racing even before you set the deal. This is one powerful Maybach 57S which will try to knock down the Audi S8 which is known to be very fast when the crucial parts needed for racing are upgraded. The Mercedes CL63 AMG doesn’t fall to far too, it is one well-oiled up machine that is ready to race anytime.

Many spectators are expecting a nice and clean race from all the contestants and we are too, we are here to see some speed and to hear the great sound that is coming from the engines of these machines.

Maybach 57S Versus Audi S8 Versus Mercedes CL63 AMG

All three brands are often used in the racing world and which will be the winner, we will see at the end of this great video.

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