making a spare key
making a spare key

We all know how it is to forget the spare key somewhere and being unable to find them. That’s why today we have for you a special tutorial which will show you how to make a spare key for the lock using only the key needed duplicate for, lighter, scissors and a can lid.

These steps are very simple but precision is required because if you cut the lid wrong, then the key will not work at all. First thing that you need to do is to apply heat to the original key with the lighter to the point that the key will become black from the fumes. Than take it in your hand and lay it down on a piece of scotch tape, so that the marks from the fumes will be stuck on the tape.

When you see clearly the shape of the key on the tape, just stick the tape on the can lid gently. Be careful not to damage the traces. After you stick the tape on the lid, start cutting with the scissors carefully, on the edge of the traces. After you finish with cutting, try out the new spare key that you just made.



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