Lamborghini in USA
Lamborghini in USA

Lamborghini in USA means that you have made it in life, but driving it in the snow storm is not the best idea of them all. In fact, it might be the worst idea that you have ever had if an accident happens and you crush your beloved Lambo on the way. Here we have a crazy dude with a Lamborghini in USA making some snow driving and drifting like no other has.

The winter tires type is a must here, because with the all-season tires there is no way that you can drive it on the snow and ice. Why this decided to drive this Lambo on the snow blizzard we know, he just wants some fun with his expensive car, using all the HP that this engine can produce. It is much easier for the engine though in the snow, as the tires don’t have much grip and they spin easily on the ice.

The handling is very hard, the driver must be very precise when handling a vehicle in the snow, and this Lamborghini just has too much luck not hitting something.

Here you can check out the DRIFT TUTORIAL FROM KEN BLOCK, with his Hoonicorn Mustang, to teach you the tips and tricks of the perfect drifting.




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