Girl Shows Off Drif Skilss To Cops
Girl Shows Off Drift Skilss To Cops

How cool it is to see a girl in a car that can drift so well? The girl decided to make a video of her drift, to show the world how good she became at drifting, but the party poopers are here, and the most exciting thing happens. She was warned that the cops were coming, she opened the window and they asked her what she is doing. She explained that she is practicing only, and asked them if they wanted to watch.

The policeman said that it would be neat, but there was no space for drifting because of the cop car. She politely asked them to move their car and to feel free to watch. They moved the cop car out of her drifting space and stepped outside to watch her drifting. We applaud this girl for the decision that she made, to drift in front of the cops, because she needed to show her skills, and now we have the video as proof. We all like the part when she nicely asks them, and they accept the invitation to watch.

Cheers to her and to the cops, lets enjoy this great video.



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