Chrysler 300C Drifting
Chrysler 300C Drifting

Chrysler 300C and what could go wrong? Nothing according by the driver and owner named David Waterworth, who likes crazy swaps and he likes to surprise us all. Here we have the most insane swap that you will see on the net, it is the Chrysler 300C that has a Viper engine.

This is one powerful engine that has 8.0 liters of capacity and it isn’t shy to show its power. It is a V10 engine, having 10 pistons to do the job, and being too stock, this engine gives out incredible 500HP and 500 lb-ft of torque. This is amazing power to be placed in the Chrysler, a car that is mostly driven by politicians and wealthy people.

The power is transferred to the wheels by a Borg-Warner T56 transmission, 6 speed manual. This is one hell of a transmission that makes the car ready to drift anytime anywhere.

To see this car drifting is something special, we are about to see the drift at the end of the video, but first the host will explain some things about the car, that will make you love it even more.

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