Friday, June 22, 2018


Audi is the German manufacturer of cars that really nailed it with their design. Audi is a long time designer, engineer, produce, market and distributer for luxury automobiles. Some of them are available for the normal people and some of them of course, are available only for the richest ones. All of the vehicles from this German manufacturer are produced in total of nine facilities around the world. From the start the company didn’t have too much success, but when the Daimler-Benz bought the company, everything changed for better. The form of the company that we know now is dating from 1965 and always going upwards. [caption id="attachment_618" align="alignnone" width="1138"]Audi Logo Audi Logo[/caption] Audi had its success also with the models that are QUATRRO abled. This means that all four wheels are connected to the transmission and there will be no problem with the snow or ice in the winter. Also they has been known to make some diesel monsters, like the BiTurbo-Audi A4 which is 2.7 liter engine and has the power to pull two cars at once. The reliability and the durability of the engines of Audi is what makes the brand recognizable and always the buyers like these engines, they don’t even ask questions about the state of it. They know that there is no going wrong with a German manufacturer.

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