Balancing Skills MASTER LEVEL
Balancing Skills MASTER LEVEL

The balancing skills shown from these two drivers are just awesome. We have never seen before such control and such sense for the environment like these two. Namely the thing is, the two trucks need to stand on a single axle swing, and they need to balance the two trucks in order to stop the swing from moving.

The really interesting part is when the second truck goes onto the swing and it starts to move up and down. Here the driver from the second truck is showing how good he is when it comes to driving, that he has the sixth sense for balance and he is planning to develop it even more.

After swinging up and down, the truck needs to go forward and reverse in order to balance the swing, not to swing hard and push both of the trucks on the ground. The balancing skills shown from the driver here are amazing, for sure he will dare another driver to try and to copy what he just did, but doubt is there that nobody could.

The video is great and there are unexpected moves that will raise the adrenaline a little bit in your body, but it is okay that’s why we watch these videos.

Amzing skill#Amazing skills! :O

Posted by SITI Cable on Wednesday, December 23, 2015



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