2016 BMW M2 228i

What a great addition to the BMW family. Now we have the all-new 2016 BMW M2 Series 228i Sport, and we got our hands on it too. There will be a full review of the car as the host will take us around it, to show us the most important upgrades that came with the new series and the startup of the engine is there, test drive too.

The headlights have been upgraded from the previews version and now the 2016 BMW M2 is featuring the dual xenon, or full xenon computer controlled headlights that look astonishing on the car. The angel eyes are there too, integrated inside of the headlight space. This is one sweet ride, as we can see from outside the body shape has lost the sharp angles on the edges. Now it looks even better and with sportier look. Black color is the car on the video, but also there are few others on the net where the owners are starting to modify and make these series of cars even better.

There are aluminum rims mounted on this particular model, five spokes that add up to the looks of the car. When the host pops the hood there is a huge surprise there. Very quiet 2 liter BMW engine with fuel injection. The real fun with this engine starts when you switch the driving mode from the central computer on the dashboard. When set to sport mode, then it will get aggressive and the exhaust will get hot too.

BMW will continue to make this series, the Sport M series because they have great popularity on the market and the new owners are giving so good feedback about the car and the driving experience with it.

Let’s take the test drive and see what the 2016 BMW M2 Series Sport 228i has to offer.



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