1000HP Diesel Ram
1000HP Diesel Ram

Here is the 1000HP Diesel Ram truck that will take it against the dirt. Some mudding will be shown in this video, better prepare for the best viewing experience. This is one magnificent ride from the driver, and great performance from the truck pumped up to 1000HP Diesel Ram, there has been some serious modifications done on the engine and on the body of the truck, that’s why he destroyed the competition, and the dirt too.

1000HP Diesel Ram Truck Against The Dirt!

There is no other truck that has such grip on the dirt, and thanks to the great engineering done, there are new wheels with some paddles on them, to ensure that they will grip all the way to the end of the track. The spectators know that there is one hell of a race ahead of them, that’s why they are cheering before the Ram is started. How they managed to get the 1000 HP out of that engine we don’t know, but for sure a great amount of money was spent on the truck, but it is worth every penny.

Powerful trucks are seen all the time on this kind of videos, but we have never seen a truck like this, with the paddles on the rear tires, which stay on their place under the great pressure and speed on the track.

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